Coaching Problem Solving

They say that dilemmas are often a powerful kind of fuel for makers and writers. As uncomfortable as they can be, problems inspire us to rethink, revise, and recreate. Our struggles sharpen our skills, strengthen our stamina, and teach us tremendous patience.

Or, they provide a great reason for us to make yet another trip to the supply center to scoop up a whole pile of fascinating stuff that looks cool but may very well be completely useless.

Relying on the resources we have on hand rather than wasting those that may not serve us well is critical maker move, and experience is teaching me that inexperienced makers sometimes struggle to put it into practice. It’s fun to shop makerspaces for materials, and they can certainly serve as catalysts: New ideas and solutions emerge when we mess around with new stuff. It’s important that we take no more than what we need, though. Otherwise, we often end up wasting more than making and our problems remain unsolved.

Coaching makers to problem solve is fun stuff. The poster below reflects some of the thinking that came out of the Roy B. Kelley makerspace in Lockport, New York this month. You can find it on Canva too.

Coaching problem solving in the makerspace or studio (1)




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