IMG_0174I’m Angela Stockman, founder of the WNY Young Writers’ Studio.  Over the last eight years, our little community of writers and teachers has evolved into something of a maker space, and we embrace this culture. This is where we make writing, and here’s why.

Regardless of age, title, or position, those who come to Studio do so in order to learn beside others, and they use a wide variety of tools and resources in order to do it. We’re less about publication and more about exhibition, and we truly value process over product. Studio writers understand the power of open culture. We share what we know and what we discover as we go. Interested in joining the conversation? Join our Facebook group or follow me on Twitter inside the #makewriting stream. You can also connect with me on LinkedIn.

The WNY Young Writers’ Studio isn’t a non-profit, but we absolutely function like one.  Kids and teachers participate at no cost, and although we run a low budget shop, we aren’t willing to compromise the quality of our learning or the projects that we pursue. If you’re inspired by what we do, consider supporting our space by purchasing a copy of Make Writing: 5 Teaching Strategies that Turn Writers Workshop into a Maker Space. All of the profit that I make from this book will be used to fund our activities at the WNY Young Writers’ Studio.

I’m looking forward to sharing what we’re up to by posting regularly in 2016. I hope you’ll jump into the comments, introduce yourself, and share your own adventures in making and writing.




3 responses to “About”

  1. authorkwwilson says :

    You are indeed creating something very special!!


    • Angela says :

      Thank you Kevin! And thank you for taking time to visit with us and support us there. It’s people like you that have helped so much!


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