Contact Angela to share your needs and explore potential entry points for your work together. The services below provide a glimpse of what is possible, but all services are customized to provide a just-right fit for each organization and the students it serves.

speaking Speaking

Angela’s keynote addresses are an inspiring call to action for teachers, administrators, and parents who understand that writing is power and that every young person must be commissioned to use their words to make a real difference in their communities. Listeners will recognize themselves, the students they love, and the ones who scare them most in the stories that Angela shares. Most importantly, they’ll return to their schools, homes, and communities with a new awareness of why some learners struggle to find their words and use them well and what we can do to help them.

gear74 (1) Workshops

Workshops typically unfold over a three hour to three day time period. Angela has presented on a variety of research based practices, and she has also introduced audiences to the ideas, strategies, and tools found in Make Writing. Workshops are input sessions intended to build each teacher’s awareness and ability to implement specific instructional approaches. Teachers are coached to maintain a reflective stance throughout each session, and they are taught to document their findings as classroom implementation begins. Best practices often require the pursuit of subsequent next practices. Those who participate in Angela’s workshops are invited to connect with her and  a network of other educators who can support their efforts long after face to face sessions end.

consulting Consulting

Whether you require a curriculum audit, fresh eyes on a strategic plan, feedback on a lesson or unit, or someone to brainstorm or problem solve with, Angela provides short and long term consulting support to teachers, administrators, and community leaders.

design Curriculum and Assessment Design

Angela has extensive experience in designing and facilitating the design of high quality curriculum and assessment tools. Whether your team is considering how making and writing influence either of these endeavors or how to approach Common Core alignment and assessment in creative and healthy ways, consider sharing your organization’s history and needs with Angela, and she will work with you to craft a viable plan.

coaching Instructional Coaching and Lesson Study

While event-based workshops offer prime capacity building potential, change is best facilitated through job-embedded initiatives. Angela has served as an instructional coach in dozens of schools over the last decade, relying on a powerful lesson study model that is carefully adapted to setting, context, and needs. She also coaches instructional coaches and supports those who mentor new teachers.

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